Class, clean lines and great function. These are the key points of the landscaping of this Metricon Signature home.

Starting with some signature quality pots and artwork in the front yard, supported by contrasting plantings and the Barefoot Classic Signature turf, the front aspect of this property is nothing short of spectacular. A combination of mature and junior plants of different sizes also provided depth to the landscaping and gave an established feel.

Not to be outdone, the back yard continued with the liberal use of the Barefoot Classic Signature turf to provide a feeling of space. Inset in the turf from the house, large pavers provide a natural passage to a long water feature and boxed planting along the rear fence. Keeping with the colour contrast from the front yard, this area has great balance and simplicity for everyone’s enjoyment.

Combining functionality with practicality, the short boundary down the side of the house also enjoyed some landscaping treatment, with the turf giving way to large pavers, rough rock and mature planting. This gave great access around the house, whilst affording privacy and style.