Creating a stimulating and interesting environment for a tribe of pre-schoolers – released the inner child in all of us.

Starting with a very challenging site with a large fall and many drainage issues, this site has as much work underground as it does above. With a combination of sensible design to allow free flowing play, and using a variety of textures, finishes and construction elements, we were able to create a diverse range of play areas for all variety of mood and play types.

Boardwalks were used to provide definition to the sandpit area, whilst also keeping this area functional and easy to keep clean. Large log rounds act as a random lawn edge with a nice stepping stone effect. Raised planter boxes allow for controlled gardening adventures and are the ideal accompaniment for the resident livestock with their own special purpose home.

At the rear of the garden we drive some extra adventure with a tepee and then finished the whole garden with our hardwearing Barefoot Classic turf.

The overall result providing a world of adventure for its young adventurers, whilst providing a practical and easy to clean environment for the staff.